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Cleanse your space with white sage

White Sage, scientifically known as Salvia apiana, is a captivating and aromatic evergreen shrub native to the arid regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Its slender, silvery-green leaves emit a unique earthy fragrance when touched, evoking a deep connection with nature.


Beyond its botanical beauty, White Sage holds profound spiritual significance, symbolizing purity, healing, and balance. For generations, it has been a cornerstone of indigenous cultures, particularly in the USA and Canada, where it plays a sacred role in rituals like "smudging," aimed at purifying spaces and inviting positivity. White Sage's natural properties are believed to cleanse and uplift, offering a gateway to inner peace and holistic well-being.

Steps to cleanse your Space with conscious smudging

Step 1: Set a positive intention

Step 1: Set a positive intention

Begin by reflecting on all the negative experiences, thoughts & energy that you wish to release from your being.

Step 2 : Cleanse & purify your space with scent

Step 2 : Cleanse & purify your space with scent

Burn, spritz or diffuse white sage & mindfully inhale the calming aroma around you.

Step 3: Invite positive energy

Step 3: Invite positive energy

When the space is clear, invite positive energy with a prayer, blessing or affirmation.

Why is it important to smudge conciously?

By engaging in concious smudging, we can pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of indigenous communities, ensuring the preservation of their sacred rituals. Moreover, it encourages responsible harvesting of white sage. Conscious smudging also empowers personal growth by fostering self-awareness and promoting inner peace through intention setting and energy cleansing.

It ultimately serves as a profound way to honor tradition, connect with nature, and create harmonious, energetically balanced spaces while respecting the sanctity of the practice.

Common Queries About White Sage

Q1. How can burning white sage invite positive energy?

Burning sage represents taking time to appreciate the synergetic relationship we share with our environment & care for our spiritual & emotional self. As the aroma of sage diffuses, it carries our positive intentions & connects them to the universe.

Q2. Is it still smudging if I don’t burn a sage bundle? Why use the alternatives? 

With the right understanding, you can respectfully access the herbal &  spiritual benefits of white sage without burning commercial smudge bundles. Essential oils, bricks and mists are also ideal for spaces or people that aren’t suited to smoke.

Q3. How can I show my respect to native communities while burning white sage?

To express gratitude to the native communities that shared the invaluable benefits of white sage with us, we recommend you take time to learn about its historic/ cultural significance, and follow burning rituals with the right understanding & respect.

Q4. What makes Aromafume a conscious brand for white sage users?

At Aromafume, we ensure our sage is sustainably sourced i.e. we work with businesses that  regenerate sage at the same speed it’s harvested. All our products are also crafted in small batches to show our respect for mother earth & minimize wastage. 

Select the right scent & way to cleanse your space

  • Smudge Sprays

    Convenient, travel-friendly and easy to use on clothes, curtains,fabrics, objects & yoga mats
  • Essential Oil Blends

    Thoughtfully curated blends with essential oils - Pair with your favourite diffuser, scent different parts of your house or elevate your wellness rituals.
  • Smokeless Incense Bricks

    Ideal for incense lovers - burn it with our brick burner for a smokeless , immersive aroma that infuses your sacred space with harmony and upliftment.